Health and Beauty

We believe that self-care involves so much more than just working out.  Pick up one of our vitalizing health and beauty treatments and take the first step towards a happier and healthier you. 

Member Benefits

Joining FIT THIS comes with a number of local benefits. Check out the full list here!


Hot, steamy air is the perfect solution for aching muscles, not to mention the clarifying effect it has on your skin, mind and soul. Leave the gym glowing, inside and out.


Our premium sunless tanning technology gives you that summer feeling all year round. Climb into our Helionova Ultrasun sunbed and forget about the Hackney rain.  Available even if you are not a member with us.

Ashanti Treatment Room

The Ashanti Treatment Room is a carefully considered spa experience which  takes you on a journey of relaxation & rejuvenation. It provides the perfect respite from London's hustle & bustle.    

Sports Massage Therapy

Feel the tension melt away under the expert hands of our masseurs and tackle injuries before they happen.


Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, so check out our range of bars, supplements and drinks at reception or ask our friendly staff if you require advice.