Member Benefits

Special member discount codes provided when joining FIT THIS

Drive Now
FREE lifetime membership (no joining fee, no recurring membership costs) plus 30 minutes FREE driving for your first trip! Learn more about Drive Now


10% off all services including tailoring and shoe repair for members in both the Hoxton and Stoke Newington branches including pick-up and drop-off. Not including promotions.

Buzz Bar
5% off all services including Buzz Studiom photoshoots, etc. Not including promotions.

15% off lunch and dinner on weekdays for both members and staff.

5% off transitional loungewear online shop.

Grass People Tree
Fresh hand-picked healthy Tea's and tea events — 5% off online shop.

The Prince George
Monday 10% Discount on food

Bare Laser Therapy 
5% Discount when you buy two or more areas

Hana Yuki
20% discount

The Old Ship 
Monday & Tuesday 2-4-1 burgers
Thursday 2-4-1 cocktails 5-7pm

Aneessa Photography 
10% off all shoots

The feeling after coming from the gym is amazing. My body feels stronger and I am more concentrated at home and work.